1._ Make sure you hydrate and eat well and enough the night before the race. Don’t over indulge yourself thinking you will burn it tomorrow. And make sure you stop eating around 8pm so you can fasten over night and get the most out of your breakfast. Stop drinking also around that time to avoid having to go to toilet during the night and disrupt your precious sleep.

2._ Make sure you go to bed early enough so that you can have enough sleep and rest. If you are too anxious take a valerian tea, fennel or any herbal tea which could help to come you down.
You could also practice some breathing exercises where you seat in a strait position so your spine is lengthen and focus only on your breath. You only need 5 minutes to feel the benefit.

3._ Before you fall asleep see yourself running being happy and strong. Feel how light you are and how peaceful and confident you feel. See yourself running around the course and go around the whole process, when you are drinking, eating. Feel your body and your mind in contact with each other and feel the harmony of your breathing. Picture yourself coming onto the finish line happy and with a feeling of accomplishment and fulfilment.

4._ Make sure you organise everything you need for tomorrow before you go to bed. You could make a list of all you may need and go through it to make sure you don’t forget anything. Make sure you use vaseline or similar (I personally love Lanacane- Anti-Chafing Gel) and you put it on the areas where you believe the skin may rub such as your feet, your inner thighs and if you are a man, you nipples.

5._ Have a breakfast that you know works for you, have it at least 2 hours before the race and make sure you are hydrated. Before the race make sure you are ready to have fun and enjoy. Be positive to your self at all times. Tell yourself “you can do this” ” you have worked and trained hard enough to do this” ” you are going to have fun and enjoy it” “I am positive this run is going to go really well” “I am confident I am going to achieve my goal”