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YOPachi – The Coach

For the last 20 years I have been practicing the sports I like to do the most: skiing, cycling, hiking, roller blading, scuba diving, weight lifting and of course running. I have always known that in order to improve my performance in any sport I need to train and adapt my body to allow me to achieve my goals and in turn maximise my enjoyment. We should not “run to be fit” but run to improve our fitness level and remain injury free for longer. I see today many people out running as if it was a given, which of course it is, but with guidance on technique and approach you can protect your body – extending the time you will be able to enjoy running and improve your running distances and times.

Seven years ago I moved fulltime into the fitness industry as a qualified personal trainer, running coach and yoga teacher. Today I continue enjoying my sports but have a clear focus on running and more so I enjoy my clients adaptation, be it a complete beginner or experienced runner.

So far I have ran 3 full road marathons, 2 trail marathons, 1 mountain ultra, several 20 miles, 10 miles and many 6 and 3 miles races. I have also co-writen a yoga book:




Pachi’s qualifications include:

– Coach in Running Fitness UK Athletics 

– Strength and Conditioning Coach

– NASM® Certified Personal Trainer by Premier Training International

– Yoga Teacher with The Inner Yoga Trust