Would you like to run the Basingstoke Half Marathon or achieve a new P.B. on the course?


TIME4TRAINING can help to achieve your goal.

If you are thinking of entering the Basingstoke Half Marathon but don’t believe you can do it, I can help you crossing the finish line.

Last time this year I was honoured to work with the 4 winners of the Destination Basingstoke Prize. Some of them were new to running or hadn’t run for may years, some of them had only run 5k to 10k.

At the end of the 20 weeks Programme all runners crossed the finish line in very good times, achieving their goals and injury free.

Go to Case Studies to learn more about the winners.

The T4T Basingstoke Half Marathon training includes:

  • 6 consecutive weekly coaching sessions of 1 hour on a group basis (maximum 10 people) or One2One

  • A 6 weeks Personalised Programme: We will taylor a programme to suit your needs and achieve your goals that you can follow on your solo running sessions.

  • Email Support: Ongoing email support where you can ask me all the questions, concerns or just share with me all your plans and achievements to help you with your training and motivation.

  • A Journal: to write down all your progress and your training so that you can look back to it and find motivation.

  • Hand outs: I will be sending you weekly educational handouts with information to help you excel your training.

In addition to getting you through the Basingstoke Half Marathon, the Programme (BHM Programme) will also:

  • Teach you to find the time and motivation to follow your Half Marathon training plan.

  • Introduce you to like minded people and running buddies to train with you on your ‘solo’ runs.

  • Help you to get stronger as a runner in body and mind.

  • Teach you to listen to your body and understand when to push and when to recover.

  • Give you all the tools to achieve your goals and reduce the risk of injury during the training.

  • Introduce you to a Sports Therapist and Sport Nutritionist who work together with T4T to help athletes preforming to their highest level and reduce risk of injury.

If you can prove your entry in the Basingstoke Half Marathon you can book the BHM Running Programme for a discounted price.


If you would like to participate in the programme for its whole durationĀ or if you are a Beginners Running wanting to run the Half Marathon, please contact me to arrange a consultation and to taylor the time and price that would be most beneficial for you.