8 WEEKs programme to get you up and running!

Discover a great programme that will get you running, even if you’ve never run before.  Have you ever thought you’d like to run – either for fun or a specific challenge?  It’s particularly beneficial if you’ve experienced a tough time following redundancy, divorce or loss of a loved one.  Running is also great if you’re looking for a way to unwind after a hectic schedule – giving you time for yourself. Or to raise money for your chosen Charity and help a cause closest to your heart.

Running outside will give you a fantastic feeling of freedom, and as your feel-good endorphins kick in, you’ll feel refreshed and revitalised.  You will discover that running is not as difficult as you may have previously thought. Running in a group is also a good way to meet new people as you encourage each other to succeed!

Often people take up running for a particular goal such as to get fit, to lose weight or  to raise money for their preferred charity.  If your aim is to raise funds by participating in a race but find the training hard, TIME4TRAINING can help you to achieve your goal.  My training will give you the tools you need to run not only one, but lots more races for your charity.



 Beginners Programme will teach you body awareness, motivation and running techniques to perform better.  With a specially formulated programme co-ordinated by a fully qualified and insured coach you will learn techniques that will enable you to progress safely from walking to running.  I will keep you running, increase your distance and your Personal Best times.  And most importantly, you will feel fitter and stronger both physically and mentally.




The Programme includes:

  • 8 consecutive weekly coaching sessions of 1 hour with me.

  • ASK PACHI – Ongoing email support where you can ask me all the questions, concerns or just share with me all your plans and achievements to help you with your training and motivation.

  • Email Newsletter- Get the latest research on running, tips, and motivation.

  • Weekly educational handouts with all the information you need about running.

  • PORTABLE PACHI – Tutorial Videos and Podcasts so you can take me with you on your solo training.

  • A Journal to write down all your training so you can back track your progress and fin your motivation.

In addition to getting you through your first 5 kilometres, the Beginners Running Program will also:

  • Teach you to find the time and the motivation to carry on running.

  • Introduce you to like minded-people and running buddies.

  • Increase your energy levels.

  • Help you better cope with the stress of daily life.

  • Raise your endorphins giving you instant happiness (also known as that famous “runner’s high”).

  • Keep you from ever feeling guilty about “not doing anything about your help” as long as you keep running.

Places are limited to 10 clients per class so everyone can benefit from trainer tips and corrections