FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1st. Time Runners

Could I join a running group being overweight?

In my opinion it doesn’t matter what size you are and what age you are as long as you are true to yourself and stick to what you want to achieve.
I would however always advise overweight people to try and shed the pounds with a strength endurance programme. Strength training raises the metabolism quicker than aerobic exercises and it is also very important for running to have a strong body. It would make running easier and will reduce the possibilities of injury.

Is there any age limit to start running or competing?

Funny enough the majority of people who take up running do so in their late 30s and some people even start in their 50s and 60s.
The sport of running, like any other sport, requires a lot of focus, discipline and dedication. All those qualities seem to be more established as we get older therefore it feels easier to stick to it.

Isn´t running bad for your joints (knees, hips…)?

Obviously the more you use your body to perform physical activity the more probability for wear and tear.
If you don’t exercise at all your body will slowly lose its own capability to strengthen or even move properly.
Physical activity is very important for us humans not only in the physical aspect but the psychological too.
If running is taken up in the right way and with the right training your joints should just feel the normal pressure that comes with any training.
But again if we think about the pains and niggles we have in our bodies as we grow older without exercising we should be able to understand and cope through exercise.
Running it is not bad for your joints or your body if done properly Running will increase wear and tear in your joints maybe quicker than every day life but running increases movement so joints are lubricated and kept flexible.

Why do people run when it feels so hard, painful and time consuming?

There is not just one single reason why people run so it is in my opinion very important for you to understand why you run. Understanding why you run or why you want to start running will make the running process a lot easier.
Running being hard is part of the thrill. I am a sport person and I find hard every sport I practice but that is what makes it excited for me and I could say most of the people.
It is not painful in the way we understand pain. The pain you get for practicing a sport is “good pain”. It is the pain that remains you how hard you have worked and how proud you could be of yourself.
When you do something you enjoy time doesn’t matter, you always, always find it. As they say, “where there is a will , there is a way”

Established Athletes

I am a triathlete, football, rugby player… but would like to be faster in my running, could your programme help me?

Of course. My programmes are based on everything around running. You don’t need to be an endurance runner to take advantage of the programme.
The programmes would not only help you with your running but would help you to become a better and all-around athlete.

I can run on my own, why do I need a coach?

There is no one athlete out there that has accomplished his/her goal without a coach.
All elite athletes have coaches, Mo Farah , Usain Bolt, Killian Jornet… and even your next door neighbour who came first in a race or first in his/her age group. They all have something in common, they all have a COACH.
A coach will give you all the tools you need to achieve your goals in the best manner.
A coach will be with you through your whole journey.
A coach will focus just on you, on your own personal needs.
A coach will listen to you, will motivate you and will most of all understand you and sympathise with you.
Your coach will be the person outside yourself who is committed to your success.
A coach focuses on the athlete as the centre of the coaching process. The athlete should be able to try new things and incorporate other modalities of training that the athlete is happy with. The role of the coach would be to assess if that modality needs to be changed in any way or if it is good for the athlete to do it. The athlete should feel always in control and be motivated. Fact is that 85% of athletes do what they want; the successful 15% do what they need to do.
A coach will challenge you beyond your own expectations with the right tools and methodology. It most of all challenges your mind, so you learn how capable you are to do what you never believed you could do.

I have been running the same distance at the same pace and don’t seem to be able to change it, would your programme help me?

I suggest this is the time when you really need a coach and can get the benefit of.

Wouldn’t an on line programme, magazine, video, articles…help me anyway?

All the online and magazines programmes as well as the articles and advice written take a general approach. But as you know you are unique. You have your unique ways a unique body and unique personal circumstances. A generic programme can never fully address your unique circumstances to help you achieve your goal. Plus, you can’t ask questions to an article or video, but you can in my sessions. Please see answer to the question above.

How we work

Can I contact you between sessions?

Depending on the programme you book we will have more or less contact but please always feel free to contact me, by email you receive a response within 24 hours.

How frequent are the sessions?

They are normally once a week but again we could always tailor something different that will benefit you more.
Plus in addition to this you get a personalised training plan, tutorial hand outs, videos and post casts, News Letters and you get to ask me as much as you need to.

How long do the sessions last?

It depends on the session but typically sessions are from 1 to 2 hours max. Please contact me to discuss fitting sessions around your schedule.

How many sessions?

This always depends on your own needs and goal to achieve.
I believe that for a beginner we need to have at least 10 sessions to get you up and running. Because the initial sessions are designed to train your body to get used to exercise.
For established runners the packages are of 6 sessions. That for me is the right amount of time to achieve a mile stone within your running.
In addition to the sessions themselves, my programmes include, Nutritional Therapist, Sports Therapist, Video Analysis, Only Members Area…

Is there some flexibility around the session timing?

Even though we will normally agree on time and day of the week we can always change a session for your better convenience.

What happens between sessions?

Depending on the programme you are in I will be sending you emails and you will have access to the online services such as videos, training plans, routes, groups…to support your training.

What happens in a coaching session?

Every session will be tailored differently depending on your need, ability level and the goal to be achieved.
In general, we will agree on a place where we will meet and train for an hour or more if needed. The sessions includes warm up and cool down to ensure you train safely.

What makes your way of coaching so unique?

Me! Like you I am unique. I have a unique approach to people, live and running that I love to share with my clients.
I am passionate, positive and a great motivator and cannot read and research enough about running, yoga, physical activity, and mental activity, anything that has to do with the body, the mind and exercise I love.
Before becoming a runner all my focus was in the strength and condition of the body for sports performance. I love Olympic and Power liftings and a good conditioning session.
To become a good runner the whole body needs to be strengthened and conditioned for the sport of running.
Being Spanish I believe helps me in showing my passion and being more out there for others and with others.
For me is all about team work. Running can be done in isolation but the more people and support you have around you during the process the better and easier it becomes.

Where do the sessions take place?

Sessions will take place in different places around the Basingstoke area depending what we are training for. It can be in a park, on a street or in a gym.

Why should I choose you as a coach?

I have built lots of experience as a coach and a runner so I can empathise with you and understand what you need in every moment.
I am very passionate and love running and everything around it. I am therefore a big motivator. There is no greater success to me than my own client success.
I have been training , coaching and teaching people for more than a decade. I have worked in three different countries which has given me a lot of interpersonal skills with different cultures.
But what I like to be known for is for helping you to be in absolutely union with yourself. I help you to understand yourself and your body during running, what it is needed in every given moment. To listen to your body and change the perception in your mind.
My years of yoga and meditation practice and teaching has helped me and others to achieve our running goals in a different way that what I would call regular coaching.
To me the internal process is as if not more important than training just the body.


How would I be able to fit a running programme with my busy life?

Time shouldn’t be a hurdle on your running programme.
We may have to assess your daily routine and see where we can fit in your running.
We will always have a plan and a programme but it won’t be set on stone. We can always review it and work around your life schedule.

What do I need to do to get started?

First step is to call me on 07584 289 079 or email to patricia@time4training.co.uk me to arrange an appointment .

What if I get injured during the sessions and I cannot finish the programme?

In the event of injury during the duration of the programme you can suspend your programme for up to 3 months and come back at any time during these 3 months to resume your training.
You can also book strength and conditioning sessions to help you building strength before you start running again. Yoga4Runners will also help you to maintain strength and mobility around your joints.