Just4You coaching programme is based on a 6 week One 2 One programme.

 The Programme includes:

  • Free consultation.

  • 6 consecutive weekly coaching sessions of 1 hour on a one to one basis. The sessions will be around Strength and Conditioning where we could have a session in a gym or a hill session, drill session…it will be very varied and will be tailored to your needs.

  • Health and fitness assessment:

    • Health:

      • Health evaluation and Lifestyle analysis.

    • Physical fitness:

      • Power: Muscular strength and endurance.

      • Cardiorespiratory (VO2Max).

      • Specific Range Of Movement(ROM).

      • Assessment on muscular imbalances.

  • 2 Sports Therapy: of 1 hour duration each, where Jane will asses you and will give you the treatment you need. Or you just can book the sessions as needed during the 6 weeks of the duration of the programme.

  • 3 Video Analysis: one hour of duration where we will work on your running technique and improve it in each session make a better runner out of you.

  • Sports Nutritionist: 1 hour session with a Philippa to asses your nutritional habits and advice you on the best nutritional plan for you to achieve your goals.

  • Personalised Programme: We will taylor a programme to suit your needs and achieve your goals that you can follow on your solo running sessions.

  • Email Support: Ongoing email support where you can ask me all the questions, concernsor just share with me all your plans and achievements to help you with your training and motivation.

  • A Journal: to write down all your progress and your training so that you can look back to it and find motivation.

  • Hand Outs: I will be sending you weekly educational handouts with information to helpyou excel your training.

  • Tutorial Videos: you will be part of our membership site where you will be able to have access to videos and posts casts so you can take me with you in your training

Contact me to book your first consultation!