Dave Brown

Dave goal was to loose 3 stones and to finis the half marathon in 2’45”.We focused the training on strength training to raise Dave’s metabolism and help him reduce weight quicker.

We also focused on agility and speed training. Dave’s training plan was mainly to cover time on his feet as we worked strength, speed and agility and to pace himself.

Dave lost all his weight target and finished the race with a chip time of 2’37”

Dave said:

“ you made me quicker, more flexible and you increased my self belief”


 Gordon Sutton

Before we started training together, Gordon had marathon only raced once, a 10 mile run two years ago.

Gordon’s goal was just to be able to finish the race.

We focused on strength training at the beginning and time on his feet. After approximately two
months, Gordon’s training was focused on speed, power and pacing.

We had to work on his mental feet as w too so he could push a bit harder.

Gordon did not only finished the race but he finished it with a chip time of 1’56”

Gordon said

“A really fun experience. The most interesting aspect however, is simply how much of an improvement your coaching has had on me, without me even noticing”


Louis Hartgill

Louise starting running a year before we started our training together and had never entered a race before.

Louise goal for the Half Marathon was just to finish it.

The main focus on Louise training was time on her feet , strength and speed as well as pacing. We had to work on her motivation and self belief too.

Louise entered some races before the Half Marathon so she could learn how to perform in a race and have some experience before her main goal.

Louise finished her first Half Marathon, the Basingstoke Half Marathon in a chip time of 2’22”.

Louis said:

“I felt stronger after the training, was more aware about my posture and could also enjoy a bit more my surroundings. I enjoyed the variety of different techniques and drills. I had a lot of fun during the training and I am now stronger, can run longer distances and can pace myself”


Kelly Fount

Destination Basingstoke Phillips Half Marathon

Known for the friendly welcome, traffic free roads and challenging course, this is a ‘must do’ race for 2015, now in our 5th year we are proud that the Basingstoke Half Marathon has built a reputation that puts it on a level with some of the great races in the south, yet retains a real community feel – please join us on 4th October at 11am!

…and we’ve been rated as one of the Top 10 Half Marathons in the UK for the third year running!

The course for the Basingstoke half marathon is a challenging one, incorporating some some legendary hills near Cliddesden and Farleigh Wallop, beautiful countryside and quaint villages. On the downhill stretches you will be able to take in fantastic views of some of Hampshire’s picturesque landscape and have a bird’s eye view of Basingstoke.