The One Mistake You Should Not Make When Buying Running Shoes

Running Shoes – Laces,knots and what knot!


Choosing the right running shoes can be an ordeal and once we have found them we may still feel that they don’t fit properly.

We may feel they are too tight or too loose in places and this is why playing with their laces can improve your running.

I believe that we don’t even think about the laces at all. We normally don’t change the way the laces come with the shoes and if we do it’s because it is a fashionable way to do them in one way or the other.

In my first year running and as a Basingstoke based running coach I had lots of problems with my shoes. Like anybody else I felt the shoes were either too tight on the top or too loose on the ankle.

The shoes being tight on the top brought pins and needles to my toes after long runs. I also have a mild Mortons Neuroma on one of my feet so the shoe being tight exacerbated the pain. So I decided to loosen up the laces but by doing so the shoes where too loose at the ankle and I did not feel the support I needed from them.

The other thing I found was that my laces kept on undoing all the time and I found myself having to stop and tie them again and again.

It is then when I started searching the internet and in runners forums to try and find a solution. One of the groups where I found most support was the Mortons Neuroma Runners Group (not sure if they called that themselves but it is what it was). They advised me to lace my shoes differently.

I have learnt now that there are endless ways to lace your shoes and that depending on the shoe you may want to lace them in one way or the other. And also depending on the run, race, weather, terrain!

Enclosed is a photo of two of my running shoes which show different ways of lacing the shoe.

The pink shoe is quite wide on the top so I don’t feel the need to change anything however my ankles are rather narrow so I need extra support. Hence if you look at the picture you can see I have created a loop at the top of the shoe where I scoop the opposite lace. This does two things, first it helps me with not having to tie up the rest of the shoe too much and second it avoids the lace from becoming loose so my ankle always feels supported.

The grey shoe on the other hand is narrower on the top so I needed to create space without losing support and bypassing some of the holes helps to make the shoe wider but again supported.

If you don’t want the laces to open whilst you are running you should do a double knot on the loop and problem solved.

If you would like more information about how to create different support in your shoe contact me.

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Patricia Lopez

Basingstoke Running Coach

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