A one and a half hour session where the body’s awareness, breathing and mind come together.

The practise of Asanas help lengthen the spine, spread the sacrum and pelvic area thereby giving more movement to the spine.  This movement frees the energies and the blocks in the body.

When the sacrum lengthens the muscles of the lower back lengthen and create space between the vertebrae’s, thus giving space to the nerves and muscles.

Through the postures we massage the internal organs and give vitality to the endocrine and adrenal systems.

Whilst we lengthen the bones and therefore the muscles the assisting bones and muscles strengthen minimising injury.

Breathing into the postures is vital for a good execution.  We create an awareness of the breath and how this changes through our practice.  Breathing exercises and meditation will help with settling the mind and our focus.

After the session your muscles will be supple but strong, your mind will be settle and focused and your breath deeper.  You will feel relaxed but energised and your body will feel lighter. You will have a better sense of your body posture and awareness.

“Yoga – really didnt think it was something for me or thought I would actually enjoy it.
After having a car accident & suffering from out of line hips, i deceided to try yoga, it was the best decision I made, not only has it made me stronger, have better posture, I have also started running again with no pain and am able to control my breathing much more.
All this is down to Pachi and Time4training, thank you”

Sue Crockford

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